Regarding me

  1. You can contact me at ryan@ryanmccuaig.net.

  2. I am usually known as rgm at miscellaneous places like Twitter, Github, or IRC.

  3. I’m a member of the Architectural Institute of BC, a shiny Certified Professional as pertains to the BC Building Code and Vancouver Building Bylaw, and a LEED Accredited Professional. (Whatever the hell all that means). In general, I seem to be pro-credential. At least the ones people are willing to give me.

  4. I write code for Vectorworks, iOS and Mac OS X, and the web generally, using my BSc (CompSci) powers. Recently I’ve gotten into building server clusters. (Long story).

  5. I work at The Office of Ryan McCuaig in Vancouver, where I generally fail to market myself adequately.

  6. Depending on the day, I take this failure-to-market as either a personal failing, or maybe it just means my specialization is not well-defined yet. Short version: Making buildings involves a lot of tedious, irritating, error-prone bullshit. Quite a lot of that bullshit lends itself to automation. I automate stuff for money. Very likely I will be able to deeply empathize with why it’s so irritating if your particular stuff involves architecture. I think the lack of this empathy is why most people hate software, and thus why you won’t hate mine. Call me.

  7. All of the above is available as a handy vcard.


Regarding this site

Alan Kay: People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware.

Substitute “Architects” for “People,” “buildings” for “software,” and “computer tools” for “hardware,” and it remains true. Program or be programmed.

I figured the easiest way to find good sites about the intersection of architecture and software was to start this one, and wait for irritated people to point out the better ones.

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Thanks, The Noun Project, for the title graphic. (How can you not love Kickstarter?)